10 Things You Need to Know About Yahoo’s Newest CEO Marissa Mayer

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Former key spokesperson for Google, and mama-to-be, Marissa Mayer, has just been appointed as president and CEO of Yahoo!

When news of Mayer’s pregnancy came out in June, none of the board directors batted an eye. A bold move, Mayer says, that shows Yahoo’s forward thinking.

statement from Yahoo! said that Mayer coming on board signals a renewed focus on product innovation to drive user experience. Yahoo! Co-founder, David Filo, says he is looking forward to working with Mayer to enhance Yahoo’s product offerings.

As Google’s first female engineer, Mayer is responsible for designing and engineering a suite of geographical products including Google Maps and Google Earth.

Mayer holds a B.S in symbolic systems and a M.S in computer science from Stanford University, with a specialization in artificial intelligence in both.

While Mayer’s intelligence and ground-breaking work impresses us, she’s also a well-rounded individual, which is yet another example of how being a modern woman means working on having it all.

Here are 10 things we learned about the Finnish maven, thanks to her Twitter account:

  • She’s having a boy! Mayer announced that her and husband, Zack Bogue, are expecting a baby boy in October.
  • She’s watching Breaking Bad. Although she is late hopping aboard the Breaking Badbandwagon, she plans to play catch-up by watching an episode every day.
  • She’s a fan of mariachi bands. In honour of Cinco de Mayo, Mayer signed up for “on-demand, mariachi” where you can request a fiesta.
  • She’s a Skier. Vail is great, Marissa, but nothing rivals our Canadian slopes!
  • She’s the go-to-gal for Holiday gadget shopping. Check out her picks at Geek Sugar
  • She’s a golfer. The lucky gal has golfed in Hawaii
  • She enjoys McDonald’s Shamrock shakes. Who doesn’t get excited when these frozen delights make their yearly appearance? There are less than eight months until the next batch!
  • She ran in the San Francisco marathon.
  • She’s a daredevil. She participated in the zero gravity experience aboard a modified Boeing 727.
  • She’s stylish. Vanity Fair listed her on their annual best-dressed poll. Did we mention her wedding appeared in Vogue?

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