Cake trends of 2012

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Whether you are looking for a simple, traditional cake or a more elaborate, over-the-top confection to celebrate your wedding day, current trends influence the choice you make.

Make way for buttercream

Fondant is going out the door and buttercream is taking its place. Not only is buttercream better tasting, it is a more cost-effective option, says Zerlene Mekdeci, event coordinator at Impresario Events in Toronto.

She says: A lot of people don’t like the taste and will peel it off.

What’s old is new again

Red velvet is giving way to more traditional flavours. Consider your guests. If you have three layers, you’re safe with vanilla and chocolate as two of the three.”

Fresh flowers remain a signature wedding cake staple, especially red roses. These never go out of style, says Zerlene.

Traditional, multi-tiered cakes have been a wedding staple for years and this year is no exception.

Fashion influences cakes

Brides are embracing traditional white cake. A cake with a great deal of colouring can stain teeth.

Colour-blocking is often an inspiration for wedding cakes. Just an accent of colour can make the cake’s details pop against a white canvas.

Cake trends tend to mirror fashion trends. Brides sometimes want to match some of the elements of their dress.

Bold colours can be incorporated in the flowers or painted directly onto the dessert.

Ruffles on wedding dresses are now repeated on wedding cakes – another example of the two worlds combining.

Pocketbook friendly

Many of these trends are largely cost-driven with less work meaning lower costs. Ruffles are easier for a cake artist to do compared to intricate handwork such as embroidery.

While fresh flowers are a beautiful accent, they are also cost-effective because cake artists don’t have to make every single flower by hand with gum paste.

Gamini Hemalal of GoldenChefs and ICEGUYS in Toronto says that the budget plays a big role in making the final choice. More elaborate cakes are always available with prices ranging from $400 to $5,000, but most modern cakes are less costly because they are being kept simple.


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