Really, Really Free Market

Tania MacWilliam
Event Review

September 12, 2011

*Click here for weblink and here for additional photographs

Everyone remembers where they were on September 11, 2001, but where were you on the 10 year anniversary?

I was at the Really, Really Free Market at High Park in Toronto.

The RRFM is a community gathering where people bring unwanted usable items and offer services for free. The concept stems from the anti-capitalist movement with markets taking place regularly, worldwide.

The organizer of the Toronto event, Shawn Jason LaPlante, chose the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 to reignite the sense of community.

So what exactly happened at this RRFM? Aside from picking up some really cool and much needed items, you could have learned to crochet, got your chakras cleansed and got your hair dreaded.

Making connections is what makes a RRFM a success. People came out to exchange wares, expand their network and celebrate community with likeminded individuals.

But it was when Bonnie Bernat of Power Circle in Burlington led the drum circle that people really started coming together. Both new and long time drummers shared in the heart beat rhythm using drums and other percussion instruments laid out in the centre of the circle for sharing.

Other free offerings included guided meditation, a yoga class, a hoola-hoop workshop and pet advice.

LaPlante hopes to make this an annual event and is considering organizing the next RRFM for back-to-school time in 2012.


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