F@#$ You All Tour

Tania MacWilliam
Concert Review

Oct. 10, 2011

*Link here to online article and here for additional photographs

I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon standing outside of Sneaky Dee’s. The F@#$ You All tour made its second Canadian stop over the Thanksgiving weekend (first stop was in Montreal) and it was well worth the four-and-a-half hour wait. Headlining the show was Get Scared joined by Girl on Fire and Dr. Acula as openers.

Four member strong Girl on Fire opened the night. They worked the small crowd with the same energy as they would for a crowd of thousands. Their live performance was pretty amazing. I’m not very familiar with their music apart from bits of their songs I’ve heard online, but dare I say Austin, the lead singer, sounds better live.

Following Girl on Fire was Dr. Acula. They’re not my cup of tea but you can’t deny that they do what they do well. They maintained constant interaction with the crowd, who were nothing short of demented. They lunged at the stage, stepping on people to sing into the microphone. I have never been this close to moshing.

This was my first time at Sneaky Dee’s. Now, I was warned that it would feel like the floor would cave into the restaurant below, but I was not prepared for the intense fear that overcame me when passionate fans bounced the floor so hard that the rebound nearly knocked me off of my feet.

No offense Dr. Acula fans, but I was a tad relived when their set was over.

I went to the show for the headliner. I was too busy experiencing their epic-ness to take any real notes but I did write down their set list. While I was disappointed they didn’t perform Blackout, I’m pleased with what they did perform (Though I am surprised they didn’t perform Fail).

They opened with Scream, and this is when most of the male crowd moved to the back of the room and the front became an estrogen-fest. Girls were head-banging and screaming out the lyrics just as intensely as their male counterparts- but with a little less crazy.

They went on the perform Whore, Voodoo, Moving, Mess (title track), Hurt and Deepest Cut (tied with Blackout as my favourite). I was waiting patiently for Sarcasm, with which they closed, but before they started I had a heavy heart. The song was supposed to feature Craig Mabbitt of Escape the Fate and I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Then, to my surprise, Austin from Girl on Fire hopped on stage to fill in. Apart from getting to chat with the bands and pose for some pictures, that was the highlight of the night.


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