Black Veil Brides Unholsters Power of Words

Tania MacWilliam

April 7, 2011

*PDF of newspaper article and photographs here

Covered in grease paint and black leather, the members of Black Veil Brides resemble the would-be lovechildren of glam rockers Motley Crue and KISS.

The Hollywood-based rock band is currently on the Alternative Press Tour and making a stop at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre on April 10.

Black Veil Brides, whose musical influences include bands like The Misfits, The Dead Boys and The Damned, present themselves as a rock band and don’t further categorize the genre. Fans, on the other hand, classify the band’s music as glam-rock, screamo, or post-hardcore.

Band members pull from their life experiences to write music for anyone who has ever felt like an outcast. They serenade fans with strong anti-bullying messages and words of self-empowerment. “They have a really great message,” said Kaylen Johnson, 20-year-old Early childhood Education student at Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus. “To not be afraid to be yourself.”

Johnson was bullied because of her alternative style. To avoid negative peer treatment, she attempted to conform to the mainstream.

“When I first heard [the Black Veil Brides’] music, that’s when I started really getting into dressing the way I want to dress because they told me it was OK,” she said.

Andy Biersack, lead vocalist of Black Veil Brides feels humbled knowing that his music connects with his fans on a deeper level.

“That’s the best feeling,” said Biersack. “Knowing that what you are doing as an artist can influence someone else to be positive in their life. It’s amazing and I think that’s one of the main reasons why this band does what we do.”

Biersack wishes there had been bands like Black Veil Brides when he was growing up. He said the bands he enjoyed, like KISS, LA Guns and Motley Crue, didn’t connect with him on a meaningful level. They didn’t stand for anything and didn’t have a community of fans who supported each other.

“All we want to do is present a different option and hopefully it gives kids a place they can call their own,” he said.

Devoted Black Veil Brides fans have created a fan club called the “Black Veil Brides Army.” It is also known as the BVB Army.

“They like the idea of it being an army against the bullies,” said Biersack. “Sort of the outcasts against the bullies. We enjoy that.”

The band embraces its community of fans and stays connected with them through social networks like Twitter and Face- book. “Social media is what really helped our band to connect with an audience and jump start who we are as a band,” said Biersack.

The band’s new album is being released this summer. It will echo many of the same messages of their first album, We Stitch These Wounds.

Biersack said that while band members have grown as writers and want to broaden the topics they write about, they can only write about what they know and love. “We try our best to maintain what the band’s message is and not stray too far from that.”

Black Veil Brides will perform music from their new album while on the Warped Tour this summer. Stops include The Flats at Arrow Hall in Mississauga on July 15. Tickets may be purchased at




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